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Mission statement

The Wornstaff Memorial Public Library will…    


treat each visitor with kindness and courtesy

furnish a safe, welcoming environment for all

be fiscally responsible

provide internet connectivity

stimulate imagination and foster community with engaging programming and library materials.


Strategic Plan

Service Response #1

Connect Online: Public Internet Access

Library users will have a variety of high speed internet connectivity options to access the digital world with no unnecessary restrictions or fees, ensuring that everyone can take advantage of the services available through the internet.


Per our focus group and community surveys, internet connection is important for residents. Over 17% of survey respondents stated they did not have internet access at home. The American Community Survey from the US Census confirms this number with 18% to 23% of the community without connectivity. Wornstaff Library can play a vital role for those community members without internet by providing updated equipment and connection for patrons.

Service Response #2

Visit a Comfortable Place: Physical and Virtual Spaces

Users will have a safe and welcoming physical spaces to meet and interact with others or to sit quietly and read.


A common thread among the focus group respondents stated the library needs more space for collection and programming. Although, there has been a removal of shelves to create more seating for patrons to work and study, space remains an issue. Going forward, Wornstaff will evaluate each area of the building and explore options which optimize the space for the community.

Service Response #3

Intergenerational Services and Programming

Kids, teens, adults, seniors, and families will have programs that integrate multiple age groups to foster community, understanding, and fun.


Wornstaff Library will create opportunities for generational programming in which older and younger members of the community can interact through community collaboration and/or library programming.

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