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Volunteers are vital to the Wornstaff Memorial Public Library. We welcome community involvement in the Library and offer a variety of opportunities to match your interests, skills, and availability. In order to be considered for volunteer service, please fully complete this application.

Volunteer Responsibilities (as a volunteer you are expected to )


  1. Be reliable and punctual. If you are unable to work a scheduled shift, you must notify the library prior to the shift.

  2. Be trustworthy.

  3. Respect confidentiality. Patron Confidentiality is essential to volunteering at the library. NEVER repeat the name, contact information, or reference question of any patron who visits the library

  4. Respect the rights of people you work with.

  5. Be accountable and accept feedback.

  6. Be committed to the program.

  7. Cell phone use is not permitted during your assigned shift.

  8. Do not bring any friends, siblings, or children with you because they will distract from your work

  9. Be polite and use respectful language when interacting with all library staff and patrons.

  10. Notify the Director if you can no longer able or wish to volunteer

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