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Staff picks July 2023

Amee: Small Mercies by Dennis Lehane- Set in June 1974 when Boston desegregated public schools. Mary Pat Fennessy has a difficult life in the Southie neighborhood of Boston. Her only living child is missing and she suspects something terrible has occurred to prevent Jules from returning home. Her anger propels to ask questions and seek retribution. I could not put it down. Mary Pat is not the most lovable character but you cannot deny the love for her child.

Other Reads from June:

White Nights by Ann Cleeves

Dead Man's Hand by James J. Butcher

Dawn: The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth- A story of twin sisters and secrets from the past. Lots of twists and turns.

Karen: The Soulmate by Sally Hepworth- The perfect couple’s real life is exposed when a woman kills herself on their cliffside backyard.

Megan: Champions (DVD) After a minor league basketball coach get into trouble with the law he is sent to coach a team with intellectual disabilities. This movie is funny, sweet, and touching. It is a must see.

Pirate & Penguin by Mike Allegra In this hilarious high-seas adventure, a pirate mistakes a penguin aboard his ship for a parrot, which leads to comedic chaos, acceptance and friendship??? all before somebody walks the plank!-NoveList

Jennifer: Marmee by Sarah Miller. (historical fiction) A retelling of Little Women from Marmee's perspective. Written in journal/diary form.

God Never Blinks by Regina Brett. When journalist Regina Brett turned 50 she wrote a column on the 50 lessons she had experienced so far in her life - both good and bad. God Never Blinks: 50 Lessons For Life's Little Detours are her 50 lessons in essay form.

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