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Staff picks July 2024

Amee: Bride by Ali Hazelwood (paranormal romance)

Misery and Lowe marry to form a tenuous alliance between Vampryes and Werewolves. But there are forces at work who wish to cause a war between the two groups. Misery and Lark must work together to keep the people they love safe.


Jennifer: Little Women and Me by Lauren Baratz-Logsted 

A fun modern twist on one of my favorites. Emily is the middle sister within her family and she is often overlooked.  One day at school, her English teacher gives her an assignment in which she has to change a classic novel by rewriting part of it that she didn't like.  She immediately thinks of changing the part where Beth dies and the fact that Laurie doesn't end up with Jo in Little Women.  As she is planning her rewrite, she is sucked into the world of Little Women and finds herself living as one of the March sisters.  Completely a fish out of water living in Little Women. There's no cell phones, Facebook, or Internet and it takes Emily some time to adapt.  Readers will revisit many memorable scenes from the classic and in turn, Emily will learn about family and sisterly love.  I liked that aspect of the book, especially its message. The ending was a good surprise.


Dawn: Do Not Disturb by Freida McFadden

Another Freida McFadden book is on my list but I just can't help myself. Quinn is a woman on the run with a lot of twists and turns to keep you reading.


Megan: A friend for Eddy by Ann Kim Ha

Eddy the goldfish really wants a friend. One day he sees a little yellow fish outside his bowl. Is it really a fish? Will he find a friend or will something go wrong? Read and find out!


Karen: The Ministry of Time by Kailene Bradley

Government agency collects “expats” from across time to test if time travel is possible.

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